Friday, April 7, 2017

Route Maps

Days until departure: 4-10

The long awaited route maps are here! Please note: these are estimates of my routes. I might bike faster or slower, take long cuts or shortcuts, or opt into or out of destinations not listed or listed. This is a sketch of all the places I'd like to visit at a minimum, but as is the nature of cycle touring, things could change drastically. If someone does donate for a souvenir according to these maps, though, I will do my best to honor it.

Below, my anticipated route through the US: depart from Minneapolis, pass through Madison, WI; Champaign, IL; and Washington, DC; fly out of JFK airport in New York.

(click to enlarge)

I also have a friend in Boston, MA I'd like to visit, but it's about $400 more to fly out of Boston. If there's time, it would actually be cheaper to bike to Boston, take the train back to New York, and fly out of New York as planned.

Next, my anticipated route through Europe: fly into London, do a clockwise loop of the UK and Ireland, go across the sleeve to France, then do a large, clockwise loop of much of the rest of Europe, ending on a boat to Morocco from Gibraltar.

(click to enlarge)

TBD: if I will visit Scandinavia. I will research more (routes, cost, timing with visas) once in Europe.

I plan to land in Morocco around November. That's more than 6 months from now, and I don't see any point in planning beyond that. I may or may not post a route estimate for Africa as it draws closer.

For now, if you think it'd be cool to get a postcard, souvenir, or photo from anywhere on or near my route, consider donating in exchange for one: support my trip!

Assuming no unforeseen circumstances, there should be just a few more posts until my departure next week or the week after. 'Till next time.

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